Geneviève ''Gene'' Garand   


Gold Medal awarded by The Arts Club to the outstanding artist for all my work and shares, with my country music painting collection

As a contemporary artist, I am passionate about the country music culture as much as its style of living and historical purpose. I love to create artwork in today’s color with the comfort of yesterday. True values and morals truly lead me. While being inspired through my travels, I am also inspired by music. Being a loyal country music lover, I have created and would like to present a unique collection of country music artwork. My styles include the use of many techniques and mediums. My choice of pure colors and pronounced contours present a variation to meanings and elements expressed in each of my works; giving objects my individualized perception. I especially like painting portraits where I can incorporate the unique expression of each person into my paintings allowing me to finish the piece with my own unique interpretation and origin of each element.

I have read many biographies of country music legends, and attended many concerts through North America for inspiration before painting their portraits. This gave me a chance to follow my quest of obtaining these legends autographs! These autographs gave me satisfaction, a personal kind of approval!

The un mistakenly historical "Grand Ole Opry", that I like to call “Garand Ole Opry” (Garand is my name), these closely named paintings present Grand Ole Opry members, singers that have left their own marks in historical music eras, these as well are my favorites and how I consider to put the color “music” before my first brush stroke.